No longer limited to just standard banner advertising, our display offering allows you to run high-impact and rich media executions within programmatically purchased, device agnostic display campaigns across the biggest publishers, locally and internationally.


Native advertising allows you to serve advertising that mimics the look and feel of a certain website, thereby giving you an opportunity to contextually target consumers who are already reading articles relative to your product.


Our unique portfolio of exclusive video game advertising products allows you to reach users in their most attentive state across PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile devices. Supporting both video and display creative, we’re able to place your brand into various top-selling titles.


Audio is an opportunity to reach consumers in intimate, one-on-one situations. A uniquely personal medium, it allows marketers to reach users while they stream music, listen to podcasts or internet radio stations.


With video fast becoming the dominant medium online, we provide clients with market leading opportunities to use these assets independently, or as part of a greater campaign, across both outstream and instream placements.


Social Media Amplification allows you to instantly convert social media assets into ad units capable of serving anywhere on the internet, allowing you to combine the benefits of social media creative with the sheer reach of the open web.



We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive supply directories in Africa. Available to all clients, our portfolio of unique inventory allows our clients to run campaigns across the world’s biggest sites, programmatically.


It is more important than ever to ensure that your ads appear alongside content that is safe and contextually relevant for your brand. We ensure that all traffic we buy is free from unsafe content and contributes to the building of a positive brand experience.


Ad fraud is an ever-increasing issue for advertisers. Thanks to our partnership with leading firms in the space, we’re able to confidently protect your brand against fraudulent traffic sources and make sure your results are accurate.